Naturopathic Medicine integrates modern medical techniques, including diagnosis and laboratory analysis, with natural therapies.

Office visits for chronic conditions and wellness consultations typically last 60-90 minutes.  Dr. Monica takes time to understand not only your health concerns, but to develop a working relationship with you to facilitate your healing.  She is able to coordinate and collaborate with other health care providers as needed.

Adult Wellness Consultation:

This 90 minute visit includes discussion of routine medical screenings (colon, breast cancer, and others), individual health risk factors, as well as review of nutritional, mental and spiritual health.  Considerations and recommendations regarding lab and screening tests, diet and lifestyle modifications, and other environmental stressors are offered.

Mental Health Support:

Complementary and integrative care options to address mental health concerns include diet and lifestyle counseling, assessment of nutritional factors that may impact mental health, herbal medicine recommendations, and social/spiritual factors that influence mental health and well-being.

Care for Acute and Chronic Illness:

Assessment and diagnosis, along with nutritional and herbal treatment advice, for acute illness.  Naturopathic medical care for chronic health conditions may include lab assessment, detailed nutritional assessment and diet modifications, dietary and herbal supplementation, and psycho-emotional support.  Collaboration with other care providers occurs as appropriate.

Pre-conception Counseling and Prenatal Care:

Dr. Monica offers naturopathic midwifery care for women before, during, and after pregnancy, and provides longer visits than typical OB appointments, in order to discuss nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional well-being.

For comprehensive midwifery and home birth services, Dr. Monica collaborates with Tavniah Betts, MPH, LM, CPM, RN, through Advent Midwifery (

Naturopathic Pediatric Care:

Complementary care for acute and chronic illness using non-pharmaceutical treatments.  Naturopathic wellness assessments for infants and children include growth and development assessment and guidance.

Lab Testing:

As part of care for patients with acute or chronic illness, and for assessment of nutritional, hormonal, or immune system function, lab tests may be ordered through Naturopathic Medicine Duluth.

“Get Back on Track” 3-month plan:

For individuals who wish for focused and intentional change for better health, this 3-month plan is designed to help you be accountable to yourself for positive change. This plan includes monthly office visits and regular brief phone check-ins.  Based on your personal health goals and your initial starting point, an individualized plan will be designed by Dr. Monica and you together to address your physical, mental and spiritual health and to bring you into a focused new place of balance.